Sovereignty - Asking the Questions

In complex times men often fall back on the old, habitual ways of doing things when what may really being demanded of us is that we re-imagine our future.

In spite of all the news of impending disaster, perhaps the greatest challenge and the great calling of our time is to live larger than our fears and to explore the roots of renewal and regeneration.

Perhaps the greatest hindrances to a more peaceful and just world are not terrorism, despotic rulers or controlling elites - but apathy, hopelessness, and cynicism. Fortunately, this pattern is being disrupted by an emerging Sovereign archetype, the aware individual who is choosing to engage in both personal and social transformation simultaneously. What was once wounded is being healed.

Because the stories we buy into, to a large extent, become who we are, we need to be conscious and extremely selective about what we identify with – so our personal

Sovereignty begins with claiming the right to decide for ourselves what we choose to conform to. We now have the opportunity to choose a new story of men that resonates in our hearts rather than merely makes sense to our analytical minds.

Our willingness to question the status quo and acknowledge how we have all been personally and collectively constricted within the confines of a culture of Empires is a necessary first step. If we understand that narrative and the place within it that we all, to some degree, have unconsciously bought into, we can hopefully begin to consider a new perspective.

Sometimes it takes courage to admit that a particular story or definition of life has outlived its usefulness and ease out of a past role that may have brought us much culturally sanctioned reward. Indeed if we are to survive the challenges that lie ahead of us in the 21st century men will need to re-imagine and redefine our collective notions of success.

The new dream trying to rise is not materialism, but rather the freedom of the individual soul to find a meaningful life. Many men are in the heat of that struggle and there are rising shoots now emerging through the open cracks of the old paradigm.

Working to liberate our imaginations and our exuberance, combined with an increased capacity to trust and collaborate, presents men with exciting possibilities for the future. This is where our real evolution lies!

The Myth of the Grail reminds us that until the right Question is asked the Wasteland can never be redeemed.

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