The Grail Quest

“The Grail Quest differs considerably from other epics because it is a story, not about what happened in humanity’s past, but about what can happen in its future.” - Robert Sardello.

The desire to “tell a new story,” is emerging from humanity’s dawning sense that the story we collectively tell is the story we will live into, or that what we hold in consciousness is what we will create. Examining and transforming the personal and cultural myths that have fashioned and determined our lives is central to the journey of personal growth, awakening and being able to realise our true potential as men.

Our current story, fashioned by Empires and laid down by our fathers and fore-fathers, seems all too likely to come to a catastrophic end for humanity on a badly damaged planet. Acting for positive change is necessary of course, but perhaps the essential pre-requisite is for us each to take responsibility to tell ourselves a new, more positive, less fear- drenched personal story.

Every shift in individual consciousness contributes to a new consciousness in the wider world. Each man’s capacity to change his individual storyline has a vital contribution to make.

Today, as many grow ever more disillusioned with the establishment dogmas that prevail, we are in a new age of ’questing’ the sustaining power of a myth that we can live by - one that orientates us towards a positive future.

Is it possible for men to envision a new “story” for our world that could begin to replace the current one of confict, greed, environmental devastation and growing levels of human misery? Our consciousness is moulded by the sacred story to which we awaken.

So “Breaking the Spell” invites men to bring their story to meet an ancient story that has its origins in Gnostic initiatory rites.

Together, over three and half days, we will create the space we need to actively engage and explore the myth of the Grail Quest and journey through its fruitful themes:-

The Legacy of our Fathers; Leaving Mother; The Call to Adventure; Encountering the Powers that be; Meeting the right Teacher; Love and Romance:

Crossing the threshold of the known; The Question of the Grail; the Wasteland; Failure and shame; Letting go the Reins and the Last Battle that must be Lost and Won.

In so doing, we will support each other in breaking through our cultural conditioning as men, rewriting our personal storylines and consciously awakening to new possibilities of collaboration and liberation.

“According to the Grail mythology, there is no fixed law, no established knowledge of God set up by prophets and priests, that can stand against the revelation of a life lived with integrity in the spirit of its own brave truth.”

- Joseph Campbell

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