It's time to Break the Spell

Breaking the Spell - 3 Day Residential

What will you learn:

This 3 day residential Retreat offers the opportunity to re-configure our roles as men. As the storyteller says, “When the centre cannot hold — you go to the edge”…


Breaking the Spell with Michael Boyle and William Ayot, provides a welcome at the edge, and a setting for men to revive both their imaginative potential and their emotional resources. On the retreat we will explore....

  • Getting beyond our need to compete, and male notions of ‘success'.

  • Confronting our narcissistic grandiosity and healing our self-contempt.

  • Overturning some of our peculiarly male prejudices, and pre-suppositions.

  • Awakening to social responsibility and discovering a genuine sense of service.

  • Opening, and even surrendering, to the calls of spirituality and/or the soul.

  • Balancing our aggression with practices of kindness and compassion.

  • Opening to the inner feminine, which we tend to have shunned.

  • Discovering and liberating our inherent creativity flare.

  • Reconnecting with nature on a profound level - as in a homecoming.

  • Learning how to stand as Ritual Elders (i.e. spokesmen, guides and beacons, as well as ritualists per se) in the turbulent times to come.


Course Dates

The Retreat runs for 3 nights from:


  • Thursday 13th July – Check in from 6pm, evening welcome at 7pm

  • Sunday 16th July – Check out 3.30pm


Course Fee

  • £295 -£495 per person

   This is intended as a not-for-profit event...

       Bursaries are available on application


*All food is vegetarian, drawing inspiration from modern world cuisine. Garden produce is used when available and food sourced from local suppliers for ingredients whenever possible. Special diets (allergies/intolerances/vegan etc) are catered for on request.


For Bursary applications please email us at or via the 'Contact' page