The Retreat has happened... the men have gathered but we will run another one in the near future. To show interest and keep in the loop just sign up to our mailing list through our contacts page HERE.

Breaking the Spell - 13th to 16th July 2017

A Mytho-poetic Gathering of Men and Men's Groups

A cultural and collective grassroots awakening is happening for men.

The empires men have constructed are clearly running things into the ground. 

The patriarchal control systems that have created and upheld the financial system, the machinery of warfare, political institutions, religions and governing bodies of this world are under pressure to reform, but having considerable control and power to lose, their fears disallow any genuine interest in radical change.

1000's of years of patriarchal indoctrination have kept men isolated, fearful and asleep. Patriarchy is not only a repressive world -view that has subjugated the feminine and nature itself, it resists and denigrates authentic and mature masculinity.  It’s time for a new and greater story for men waiting to be lived out.


It’s time to break the spell.

Initially, every man’s task is primarily a personal and internal one - the de-programming of patriarchy and the reclaiming of his individual sovereignty. It's up to you to change the world by changing your story of the world.  This opportunity begins with the man you call, “me”. Yes, you.  Although this is a singular task, you cannot do it alone.

The good news is you are not alone.

On this retreat, by forming community, sharing ancient story and ritual connection to nature we will bridge cultural, racial, age, and social divides and weave together our emotional, imaginative and physical powers.  Now, during the most important time in our history, men are awakening to the tremendous potential that lies in our co-creative power. The collaborative potential of conscious men to effect positive change is far- reaching.


Breaking the Spell


The moment men stop fretting about survival or status and start wondering how we can contribute to the collective good and a brighter future, everything changes - our manhood takes on a more authentic tone.

Exactly how and when that occurs is up to us.

For now, all we each can do is decide to participate.


Together we are working towards the only choice that can truly heal – a total departure from the entire paradigm of fear.

Mens retreat


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Michael Boyle Breaking the Spell Retreat
William Ayot Breaking the Spell Retreat


Michael appeared absolutely available and willing to include all of himself in the experience. He never acted above us and I felt tremendous humility and wisdom from him.


Michael Boyle

William Ayot

William was amazing – so observant and insightful – he missed nothing and picked up on everything that was important to each person. His poetry readings were magical. 

K.C. Wales